Why should I use UNLCLOUD for my certification training?

UNLCLOUD is a ONE STOP place for all your IT certification needs and also to help you with your career growth , job search and visa to UK/EU/US support.

We merged with IT training company whos on IT training market since 30 years and our racks workbooks and online training is exceptional and proved through years....

We not only provide accurate workbooks and racks but also make sure you get updated until the very last day of your exam which gives you almost 100% chance to pass your exam.

We are global with training centers in USA, UK and India and we aim to provide best of breed service for IT students to get them on the very best positions in todays IT market.

How do I Sign Up / Login and what I get from it?

Simply follow TOP RIGHT CORNER buttons on HOMEPAGE and fill in the name/email and timezone. As a registered user you get 15% discount for workbooks and racks and if you based in APAC zone or Africa you get additional 15% discount whitch gives you total 30% OFF the price in our ESHOP or BOOKING SYSTEM.

How do I book a rack?

Simply go to BOOKING SYSTEM and follow the instructions. If you dont understand anything please chat to us 24/7 on our online chat on BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER of our website.

Alternatively send us form or email and we will make a booking for you. Please specify start/end date and start/end time according to your timezone. We offer 4,8,12 or 16 hour slots or 1 month (20 days 8 hours a day) packages. If you wish to use our booking system you need to register there first and login and then purchase tokens in SHOP which you can then use to book your sessions.

As a new user you get 10 tokens free to test our labs. Please contact us for discount details for longer bookings. We provide customized pricing according to your experience level, time zone and your budget. We help anyone to start their IT career and get certified with the highest level certifications such as CCIE/CCDE/VCDX/JNCIE and cloud AWS/Azure/GCP certifications..

How do I purchase workbook?

You can either purchase directly in our ESHOP by puttiEng the product in the shop basket and checking out. Dont forget to put your voucher code for discount if you from APAC/Africa zone.

Alternative fill in the form at our BOOKING SYSTEM and we will provide you with quote before you purchase. To get workbook sample go HERE.

How do I get All-in-One package?

All-in-One package is the most cost effective/value for money product we offer today. Its including RACK RENTAL / WORKBOOK and ONLINE TRAINING at one package. Its a 1 month package with 20 days of rack session for 8 hours a day and with IT instructor available on EVE-ng chat window whilst you pracitision for your exams on our rack Workbook is inclused as PDF guide with real LAB exam configurations and with All-in-ONE package you will get 120 HOURS of rack rental free. This saves you a big amount of money and you will get traing by our best instructors who are 30 years on market!

How can I get discount?

We truly understand that not everyone has same budget for IT training. Even though CCIE and expert level certification are expensive everybody can affford it with our customized pricing program.

We can offer your up to 30% discount if you from APAC zone/ or Africa or your budget is low. Additionally we can provide you with further discounts if you order AllinONE package or mulptiple products at once or if you want to pay in installments. We are flexible and our goal is to help you grow your career at any age or career path and boost your IT skills so you stay compeptitive in todays dynamic cloud based IT market. Contact us on chat email or form to get your DISCOUNT VOUCHER CODE. Put this code in ESHOP order or BOOKING SYSTEM order and your price will be automaticaly discounted. Further you can speak to our support representative on chat to find out more about how we can help you...

Do I get guaranteed pass of my CCIE exam?

No you hardly can because expert level exams are not simple and they test your readiness for production and complex issues in global large environments. You need to prove you are expert and ready to jump on CLI and fix any issues within short time under pressure. But dont worry we can maximise your chances to pass exam because our workbooks are nearly same as in labs and our instructors will lead you from beginning until the last day before exam and provide you updates on the lab changes so you will know what you should expect on a day of your exam. We can also guarantee that if you dont pass on 1st attempt, we will give you 2nd chance by providing you focused training on the issues you have faced in the 1st attempt and we will give you additional discounts so dont wait and book your rack/training today! Time is MONEY!

Do I get guaranteed the workbooks are correct?

You can see samples of our workbooks before you decide to purchase workbook but yes our workbooks are 99.99 accurate according to real exam screnarios and we can assure you that you will never get any dump or faulty workbook from us. Read our Terms and Conditions for more details. 

Do I get guaranteed the racks and labs are correct?

We have build our virtual eve-ng and HW racks based on real exam scenarions and the eve-ng labs are validated by triple CCIE instructors who work closely with Cisco in USA because we are Cisco Training Partner for USA. Do not worry we have got you covered on this one!

How do I pay and what about refund/cancel policy?

If you have decided to go ahead and invest in your certification to improve your IT skills and grow your career, you can choose various type of payments from the below options:

VISA/MasterCard/American Express and other cards secured by STRIPE




Google Pay/Apple Pay


If you are not happy with our product or service please read our T&C and our refund/cancel policy. We are happy to refund your money in any case if you meet the conditions at T&C.

Do I need to be worried about any fake or wrong odd staff?

You can find some posts on google about UNLCLOUD which were done by competition back in 2016 when we run the cloud in AWS but those were removed and if you find any let us know we will remove them. Theres nothing to worry about we have never provided fake info or did any kind of fraud at all. We are here to help you and give you advice with your IT certification, jobs search , visa, and career no matter where you from whats your nationality whats your budget. We just want to be you ONE STOP for all your CERT EXAM needs.

How do I purchase multivendor training?

Our main stream was Cisco in 2015 when we created UNLCLOUD. Since then we have addred Juniper, CCDE, Microsoft, VMWare, AWS , Azure, GCP, CISA CISSP, Palo Alto F5 Checkpoint Fortinet and other vendors to our portfolio. Please fill in the form at our BOOKING SYSTEM and select the vendor you need or select multiple vendors and we give you customized training/pricing.

What is EVE PRO and why we use it?

EVE PRO is EMULATED VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT PROFESSIONAL emulator for network and security professionals who want to emulate real HW devices on the KVM/ESX hypervisor where EVE ng runs and allows you to drag and drop as many as devices in 1 lab as you wish or your server can handle. We have EVE NG PRO TRAININIG CENTER license on our servers latest update and our servers are based on E5v4 Intel processors and so we can provide you with fast, low latency and full featured EVE-ng SW for your IT training. EVE was created based on UNL (hence UNL CLOUD) Unified Networking Lab which was the first simulator created by EVE team (eve-ng.net). We use this product because we are partnets of EVE-ng Ltd UK for APAC market and our racks are directly suppored by EVE ng vendor. If you need any info for EVE product please read info at eve-ng.net or contact our Support Representative on chat.

What are the HW racks we use and where are they?

We have multiple (up to 30) racks available today globally (US/EMEA/UK/India) and we are building additional racks for North Africa in Tunis. We aim to provide global rack online training with best oeed technology HW/SW and instructors. Our DC HW 2.1 rack is based in USA and our CCIE WIR HW rack aswell. Our Palo/Alto/Fortinet/CHP racks HW are based in London UK. Other our virtual racks running on cloud servers are based in India/US and we are expanding to UK market now.

Do you provide 24/7 support and any timezone cover?

Yes we cover all timezones 24/7 Mon-Sun and we have customer support specialist online on chat for each zone. If you dont get response in 4 hours please send u email we will get you sorted.

Can I use group training with multiple people to save cost?

If you need to save some perks you can create group  to share the rack however you need to use one login details. For workbooks its not possible neither for IT training. We support maximum 3 users per group and we can only provide rack for 1 IP adress as source.

Can I get discount when Im from Africa/Asia/East EU or any country where I cannot afford to pay full prices?

Yes we understand not everybody has the same possibility to purchase product for thousand of dollars and so we have 2 levels of pricing. For APAC/Africa or South America we offer 30% DISCOUNT VOUCHERS. contact us on chat for details or visit booking.unlcloud.com for the VOUCHER CODE "APAC302019" valid until 7th of April 2019.

Can I get samples/demo of your racks/workbooks?

You can get samples of workooks at google drive here and for RACK DEMO you can request that if you have date of your exam booked and you serious about the purchase of rack rental.

What can I earn as and engineer architect with PROFESSIONAL or EXPERT level certification in UK/US?

This is the thing. You need certifications on your CV in certain countries/companies to get the dream job you want. We can get you those easily and we can also advice you on the job search or visa beacuse we have 20 years experience in UK/US/EU market and we are based in London UK. Check our SALARY and JOB ADVISOR for more information. and chat to us!

Do you provide any information about technology or forum for IT certification?

Yes we have IT knowledgebase videos where you can learn important basics about Cisco and other technologies which gives you solid based for archiveing expert level certifications.

We also run IT forum for CCNA CCNP CCIE certification where you can exchange knowledge with other students and professionals and learn from them.

What do you plan for future and how do you see training for new technologies?

Todays IT market offers huge amount of technologies and over are those times when CISCO HW was the only product which was here since 1998 to 2005. From 2006 to 2019 theres been huge boom in technology and companies such as Juniper Arista VMWare Amazon Microsoft and many others have made their own switches, routers, firewalls, cloud platforms and today the trend is to run everyting automated and elastic so that there is minimum operational requirement for engineers. We understand that and we offer CLOUD certifications from AWS/Azure/GCP and VMWare NSX VCDX training and courses for DevOps/SysOps engineers/architects. Going forward we want to offer Ansible/Puppet/Chef/Python and coding training on our servers with our partner EasyNube.co.uk.

Can I support UNLCLOUD or Donate?

If you would like to support the development of our products and cloud servers you can do so by Paypal or you can volunteer to help us build labs for better user experience. Please provide your feedback after you use our racks and workbooks or service and we will make sure whatever issues you face if any we fix them for other users. Lets work togheter!

Can I join UNLCLOUD?

At the moment we are OK but check our careers page for upcoming openings. We are looking to go Africa market at the moment.

What are the values of UNLCLOUD company?

Our values can be found in our UNLCLOUD COMPANY PRESENTATION here. But in brief we are honest reliable trustworthy and professional.

How to work with booking system?

Our booking system is easy to use and gives you option to find Available slots and book by clicking on the grid (once click reservation).

To understand the process go to BOOKING SYSTEM and read instructions on TOP and by each product you select in menu. You should understand after how to use it. If you still need help please chat to us we will navigate you.

What to do if I need emergency help?

If you stucked with lab and time is running you can call us anytime at 0044 07904 927 805 or leave us a chat message on homepage chat window. Dont worry if you loose your session for any reason we refund your tokens/money and book another session for you with 10% discount.

Do you provide any other services?

UNLCLOUD is one of our babies and we run multiple IT businesses with SDX IT Ltd UK. Check out details at sdx-it.com.

We provide IT professional SDN/SDDC/SD-WAN consultancy services in UK/EU and IT managed service as Cisco/VMWare/AWS/Azure/GCP/EasyNube partner.





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